Monday, September 2, 2013

Teens Continue to be at Risk Crossing Streets while Texting

High school students can't put their phones down, even when crossing a dangerous street. A new study quantifies just how often kids walk while distracted by technology. According to Safe Kids Worldwide,one in five high school students and one in eight middle school students cross the street while doing something with a digital device.

Pedestrian injuries among teenagers in particular have been on the rise, increasing 25% in the last five years in the 16-19 year-old age group. Crossing streets while staring at a screen is one suggested reason. Listening to music and texting were the top distractions. Thirty-nine percent of the students who were crossing the street while distracted were typing on a cell phone and another 39% were listening to headphones. Girls were a little more likely to walk distracted than boys but only just barely.
(Source:, August 29, 2013 as cited in the NETS eNewsletter, September, 2013. To see the full article, go to the WNYC website.)

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