Friday, November 20, 2015

Staying Safe on East Gude Drive

Recently, the Pedestrian Safety Initiative Team gave a presentation to residents of the East Gude Drive Men’s Shelter on how to be safe pedestrians, use the pedestrian signal on Gude Drive, as well as listened to their concerns. There have been 18 collisions in the East Gude Drive area over the past five years and 12 of those collisions have occurred in the evening.

The team stressed the importance of staying visible after dark. Reflective zipper pulls were distributed to residents and staff and everyone was advised to always wear bright or reflective clothing at night. Reflective jackets were also distributed to shelter residents who regularly walk along Gude Drive at night.

This man is wearing the same coat! Special reflective ink
on the jacket is revealed by the headlights of a car.

Reflective Zipper Pull

Other important lessons shared with the residents included:
  •          Cross the street in the crosswalk
  •          Press the button on the pedestrian signal before crossing the street
  •          Begin crossing the street on the “walk” signal
  •          Make sure drivers stop before crossing the street
  •          Be aware of drivers around you, especially those that are turning