Wednesday, January 1, 2014

County Continues Investments and Activities to Make Piney Branch High Incidence Area Safer

New midblock crosswalk installed on Piney Branch Road
New Midblock Crosswalk Installed on Piney Branch Road
When the County Executive announced his Pedestrian Safety Initiative five years ago, a key approach was to focus on areas that were experiencing the highest number of pedestrian collisions. Piney Branch Road, between Flower Avenue and the County line, was such a place. Two new crosswalks with pedestrian refuge islands and flashing beacons to warn motorists are the latest improvements in a multi-year effort to enhance safety. 

In 2010 and 2011, MCDOT upgraded sidewalks and ADA ramps in the corridor. Through agreements with PEPCO, additional street lights were installed and other lights were brightened. In 2011, traffic signal upgrades for pedestrians were installed, with more now being planned in cooperation with the State. To see a graphic of all engineering improvements along this corridor, click below.

Additional resources were spent on extensive grassroots education, and Police conducted intensive enforcement, writing over 800 citations to both pedestrians and motorists. Pedestrian collisions here are now down 36 percent since this effort began.