Monday, June 3, 2013

Montgomery County Council Supports Pedestrian and Bike Safety Efforts in Approved FY 2014 Budget

On May 23, the Montgomery County Council unanimously approved a $4.8 billion County total operating budget for Fiscal Year 2014. The budget, which reflects a 4.1 percent increase over the approved budget for FY 2013, “continues to invest in our economic and social infrastructure,” said Council President Nancy Navarro. 

Included in the budget are several items that will improve pedestrian and bike safety throughout the County, including:
  •         Approved additional  $250,000 for bikeway/bike lane marking and bike trail maintenance
  •         Approved additional  $200,000 for traffic signal optimization
  •         Approved additional $50,000 for pedestrian safety education program on parking lot safety
  •         Approved additional  $100,000 to develop a pedestrian safety education program for Montgomery County High Schools

The County’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP) saw approval of several adjustments for Fiscal Years 2013-18that  included pedestrian-oriented projects.  The Council accelerated more than $17 million for street resurfacing and sidewalk repairs.  The Council also kept on track funding for the Capital Crescent Trail and Bethesda South Entrance.

The FY14 operating budget, and adjustments to the Fiscal Years 2013-18 six-year Capital Improvements Program, will go into effect on July 1. For more information on the Budget, click here.  

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