Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pedestrian Safety Volunteers Needed

We have been working with a group of fabulous volunteers in the Wheaton area, who have helped us spread the word to the community about how to be a safe pedestrian, and how drivers can keep pedestrians safe. We are looking forward to developing a similar volunteer group in other areas where collisions are most frequent. 

The County’s Pedestrian Safety Initiative uses a three-pronged approach that coordinates Engineering, Education, and Enforcement with the intention of influencing pedestrian and driver behavior. You can learn more about our program by visiting our website:  As a volunteer, you will work with us to spread the pedestrian safety message. Prior to participating in outreach activities, we will provide a training session to explain the program and the core messages we communicate to the public. 

How do you become a pedestrian safety volunteer? Send an email to Shelley Johnson at the Department of Transportation, indicating your interest: or call her at 240-777-2112.

To view the Pedestrian Safety Volunteer Training Presentation, click here.  

We hope you decide to join our group and help to make our streets and sidewalks safer!

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