Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pedestrian Safety Videos Available at No Charge

Pedestrian Safety videos about walking and driving safely are available from Montgomery County Department of Transportation free of charge
Driver-oriented or walker-oriented DVDs are available for free
Two pedestrian safety videos--one oriented to drivers, the other to walkers--are available from MCDOT's Pedestrian Safety program.
* Drive Safe®!: Keeping Pedestrians Safe When You’re Behind the Wheel
Instructional video designed to teach pedestrian safety concepts to students in driver education, classes, or other instructional venues where pedestrian safety issues can be integrated into the curriculum.
* WalkSafe! (TM): Keeping Pedestrians Safe in the “Danger Zone”
English-language instructional video designed to teach pedestrian safety concepts. It was developed for use in ESOL classes and other instructional venues where English is taught at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.
To order either of these videos, email MCDOT or call the Community Outreach office at 240.777.7155. Teacher manuals are also available.

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