Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Department of Transportation Testing New Pedestrian-Oriented Traffic Signal on Gude Drive in Rockville

Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation’s (MCDOT) Traffic Engineering Division is testing a new type of pedestrian-oriented traffic signal on Gude Drive in Rockville in an area that has had eight pedestrian collisions in the past two years.
Picture of new HAWK signal on Gude Drive

HAWK stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK signal.
This new signal uses traditional traffic and pedestrian signal heads but in a different configuration

Graphic of how HAWK signal works

How it works: When not activated, the signal is dark, allowing drivers to freely pass through. It is activated when a pedestrian pushes the walk button. The HAWK signal begins flashing yellow to indicate to drivers someone will be using the crosswalk. It then goes to solid yellow like a typical traffic signal, advising drivers to prepare to stop. The signal then turns solid red, requiring drivers to stop at the crosswalk. Finally, the signal goes to flashing red, letting drivers know that after coming to a complete stop, they can proceed once the pedestrian has crossed safely. The signal then returns to the dark condition.

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